Traditional Book Bingo

Buy your books and scoops from the sales desk as you come into the club.
Tickets are created as strips of 6 so numbers 1-90 appears across all 6 tickets,
which makes up one page. The numbers are arranged 1-9 in the first column,
10-19 in the second column and so on, making it easier to mark the
numbers off...

Electronic Bingo

Using our handheld touch screen pads (known as Genies) allows you to purchase
more than the standard 6 tickets per game, thus increasing your chances of winning. 
You can purchase a ‘package’ consisting of a certain numbers of tickets for each
game as well as extra scoops from the sales desk as you enter the club. The Genie on
which the game is played automatically marks the numbers off the tickets
when each number is called...

Slot Bingo (Interval Games)

Slot Bingo is played on a 4x4 numbered plastic board with numbers ranging
from 1-80, located at your table.  A 1-4 digit number is located at the top of
the board.  The caller will announce this number if you win.Game stakes range
from 20p to £1.00 and are played during main session intervals.  Prize money
for these games is generated on a participation basis, i.e the more who play the
more we pay...